1. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Mils vs MOA vs IPHY Article

    https://www.snipershide.com/precision-rifle/stop-the-debate-mils-vs-moa-vs-iphy/ Do you prefer Mils, MOA or IPHY This has to be one of the longest-running debates going. Nobody agrees on the facts, and everyone appears emotionally tied to the choices. Mils vs MOA is not about one system of...
  2. M

    Rifle Scopes Why Mils over IPHY?

    It seems like most people use Mil/Mil. Why choose that over IPHY? Isn't it a lot easier to do the math if you are shooting in yards to do inch per hundred yards instead of having to convert from mils to yards? Am I missing something? Thanks
  3. mattmcg

    Rifle Scopes Question about my USO scope. IPHY or MOA turrets?

    So I'm trying to get to the bottom of a question I have regarding a USO SN3 3.2-17x scope that I bought last year. I was one of the first to receive the CMG True MOA reticle thinking that the turrets would match with true MOA. Now that I've shot it for the past 12 months, I'm not so sure. I...