1. Curahee19

    Trigger cleaning and maintenance

    Hey guys after dusty matches trigger can get dirty. Want to know how you guys clean them out to prevent any misfires from happening
  2. ms6852

    Jewel Triggers

    I live about 20 minutes from San Marcos where Jewel Triggers Inc. is based. Has anyone here used this trigger to upgrade their 10/22 Ruger?
  3. rdinak

    Gunsmithing question on jewel triggers

    Is a Jewel trigger compatible with a Badger detachable magazine set up? Going to have my A5 inletted for the new bottom metal and would like to install a jewel at the same time.
  4. Sleeper

    Gunsmithing Jewel Trigger in FN-SPR?

    Can someone please tell me if a Jewel Win 70 trigger will drop into a FN-SPR A1?
  5. Metalhead0483

    crown jewel of the nagants

    For all us Nagant lovers. Holy Crap! I want one