1. hcsd54

    Firearms WITHDRAWN

    For sale: GA Precision( Trued Remington 308 “G” prefix Action with a Jewell HVCR Trigger and Rock Creek 20” Heavy Fluted Barrel. Badger Ordnance Scope Rail - Threaded 5/8x24 for the Badger Ordnance Brake. Badger Ordnance Tactical Bolt Knob. McMillan A4 Nightforce NXS 3-15x SFP...
  2. D

    SOLD Jewell M700 trigger

    Jewell M700 right side safety with bolt release $150 shipped.
  3. Curahee19

    Trigger cleaning and maintenance

    Hey guys after dusty matches trigger can get dirty. Want to know how you guys clean them out to prevent any misfires from happening
  4. Cody S

    Which trigger should i buy (for PRS)

    Building a new rifle. Ive used a jewel HVR trigger in my old prs gun and i love it. some people say they have problems. Mine personally has not yet. im going to get a new rifle (probably) on a mausingfield action. this gun will be solely for competitions. So as far as a R700 trigger... which...
  5. 4

    260 Remington Powder Recommendations

    Well just dropped off my down payment for my first custom rifle build. The rifle is being built by Mark Gordon at short action customs in Wellington Ohio. It is going to have 26" Bartlien Barrel. And jewell trigger, sitting in a Mcree stock. I plan on using Berger 140grain hybrids and lapua...
  6. bhoges

    Got tired of shooting F Class in open with my 260 just completed an M40A3 for 600yr FTR

    Shooting my Nesika 260 in open class sucked. I also got tired of hiring b.s. from my buddy. Being left handed its tough to build a rifle a matter of a few weeks. I put a feeler out on the hide for a McMillan stock and within a day I received a reply. In a few days I was the owner of Badger M5...
  7. S

    Timmney, RifBasix, Jewell, Shilen for 700 Remme

    Lots of after market triggers with prices from 100 or so to near 300. How did you guys choose and why did you choose what you did. I looked at Rifle basix and if its really 2 1/3 ponds with no creep it sure seems hard to beat? Price alone does not dictate but it certainly is a factor for me.
  8. kombayotch

    Gunsmithing Where to get Jewell trigger w/o bolt release?

    Who sells the one with the safety, but no bolt release? Can only find the one that has both...
  9. W

    Gunsmithing Jewell HVR install

    Package arrived and former trigger removed. The Jewell's sear looks like it is held in place by a small pin on the left side in a small circular housing. I have a tendency at having to do things twice so I want to install it correctly the first time. After the trigger in installed, do I then...
  10. rc2125

    Gunsmithing Jewell trigger, remove the rem style bolt release?

    Have a jewell trigger with the rem style bolt release. Got a new action with a side bolt release. I know what happens when taking rem triggers apart, but would hate for this jewell to go "boing" when taking out the two large pivot pins, to remove the bolt release deal. Anyone ever successfully...
  11. C

    Gunsmithing Jewell trigger adjustment?

    Does anyone know what size allen wrench they use for the pull weight screw? I can't get ahold of anyone in San Marcos. Thanks.
  12. TexanAviator

    Gunsmithing Jewell bolt release issue

    Just wondering if this is normal. This is a replacement unit from Jewell, my last one fit perfect in the bolt stop notch, this one is alot shorter. I bent it up to contact the bolt release but it is pretty darn tough to press and also has a tough time returning to it's normal position since the...
  13. GBMaryland

    Gunsmithing Jewell AR-15 Trigger Adjustment

    Ok, So I put a Lilja barrel on my AR the other day... shoots GREAT, but a very strange little thing happened. I got two double fires out of it in 30 rounds. So... I read somewhere this mechanical malfunction can be th result of not having adjusted the trigger properly. Before I send it back...
  14. J

    Gunsmithing Recommended cleaning/ lube for a Jewell?

    Is there a recommended method to cleaning/ lubing a Jewell trigger? thought I had heard of using a lighter fluid. Thanks Jim
  15. TexanAviator

    Gunsmithing Jewell trigger woes

    After throwing this in yesterday and adjusting it out. Finally did some dry firing today, until the sear block quit returning to position and basically slam firing each time. Keep in mind this is a zero round count, bran new rifle. Think the sear will need to be replaced on my bolt as well...
  16. D

    Jewell Trigger W/Bottom Safety in an AICS?

    Has anyone used a Jewell HVR with the bottom safety setup in an AICS? Did you prefer it over the top safety? I can see some situations where a bottom safety setup would be easier to manipulate (I have small hands). Dean
  17. Smokin

    CG Jackson Trigger vs Jewell HVR

    I have my rifle at GAP for a rebarrel. It currently has a Jewell Since its there, Im kicking around the idea of changing the trigger to a two stage CG Jackson Trigger. Any opinions? Anyone with bad experiences with this trigger? I've only heard good things about it, but its not a cheap upgrade...
  18. T

    Gunsmithing JARD trigger shoe for Jewell's

    Anyone have any experience w/ this product for the Rem 700? Thanks in advance!
  19. ker2222

    Gunsmithing AICS and Jewell Trigger????

    It is my undertanding that the jewell safety will not work with the has been recomended to me that I file into the stock to give it more clearance. Is there another way to do this....maybe even removing the safety lever?? I have the luxury of not needing to keep a round chambered...