1. lowlight

    Colorado Job Opening in the Gun Industry

    Rifle and Pistol Range Manager – Colorado Clays Shooting Park (Brighton, CO) Colorado Clays Shooting Park is located 30 minutes from downtown Denver and has been operating as a high volume, premier shotgun shooting facility for 16 years. We are opening a rifle and pistol range and we are looking...
  2. JCH

    Gunsmithing Bedding Job

    Ok, I have 3 bedding jobs to do. I have watched Donovan bed one, but have never done one myself. Two are Rem 700's, one in a McMillan A3, which I will do last to make sure I have the process down. The other 700 in a B&C Alaskan stock ADL version. The one I am most concerned about is the Howa...
  3. Tactical30

    Gunsmithing What type of bedding job?

    Im putting together a custom rifle: Mcmillan A-5 stock, Krieger MTU bbl, Badger bottom metal M-5, Badger FTE Muzzle brake, Surgeon Rifles RLR Action, Nightforce Scope,Surgeon Scope 20moa base, Badger USMC rings, Harris bipod, Badger Titanium Recoil lug, Surgeon KMW bolt knob,tuned trigger...
  4. A

    Movie Theater My job sucks

    Every day, rubbing the women... <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  5. dar1246

    Gunsmithing Bedding Job

    Do you have to use the pillars when beding an action? My Gunsmith said the bedding compound is stronger than the pillars. He recomened no to use them. ????? Need help with this one.
  6. G

    Gunsmithing not happy with my bedding job

    Tonight, I was bedding my Remington SPS tac into a McMillan stock that had pillars installed. Had everything prepped nice, applied the devcon, and inserted the action. I taped the action tightly into the stock in two places, near the tang and recoil lug. 4 hours later I removed the action to...
  7. earthquake

    Photos New Paint Job

    I just finished painting my IBA Tactical Precision Rifle. Didn't turn out half bad! I applied a base coat of primer gray, then used Krylon ultra-flat Kakhi for another base of color. I then accented with flat green, brown and gray by spraying through an old laundry bag, mosquito netting and...
  8. Lucks

    Gunsmithing Trigger job - Beretta 92

    I have a Beretta 92FS pistol that I want to have some trigger work done on. Does anyone have any advice or opinions? I've heard you can change out the hammer spring with a lighter weight spring and it really helps. Does anyone know if that's true?
  9. mark5pt56

    son's first paint job

    Well after having this for a bit, my son decided he wanted to paint it. I helped him by showing him on some cardboard, then having some practce runs. Base is Coyote Aluma-Hyde II with Krylon for pattern. Mark
  10. shooter308

    who to do a cusotm paint job?????

    I want the ranger camo/vintage army camo on an entire semi auto 308 rifle, 4 mags, scope, and all. Who can do this patteren and what kinda paint system????
  11. Jimmy2Times

    Gunsmithing Bedding job cost, ballpark figure?

    Can any of you guys give me an idea of what a bedding job might cost if done by a gunsmith? It looks like I may be out of options and have no choice but to bed these rifles myself. Not really looking forward to that. If my stocks have a full aluminum bedding block (B&C A2 Medalist) do they...
  12. Firemarshall27

    New paint job

  13. Nocalphoenix

    Fieldcraft Where to get stencils cut for a paint job?

    Guys, buddy wants an extremely detailed stencil (raising the flag on Iwo Jima) for a paint job and there is no way I can hand cut it. Does anyone know of a reasonable company that does small quanities of vinyl stencils? Seems like everyone I found only does high volume or wants a bunch of set up...
  14. Ghogs Nightmare

    Maggie’s Job Application.....Attitude

    A man seeking to join a south Texas Sheriff's Department is being interviewed. . The Sergeant doing the interview says: "Your qualifications look good, but there is an attitude suitability test that you must take, before you can be accepted." . Then, sliding a pistol across the desk, he says...
  15. C

    Tips for this camo job...

    I have this rifle right here I want the paint job to look just like this right here Any tips or info if this is like a factory paint job that color scheme is perfect for the area I hunt in I want it to be pretty much spot on to the m24 pictured... Thanks!!!
  16. Killswitch Engage

    Fieldcraft another camo job

    here is my 24" ar. i did it in alumahyde II coyote and od with a touch of rustoleum flat black to define break up. i think it turned out ok.
  17. savagebuddah

    Gunsmithing MY first AR-15 build and duracoat job

    WELL just thought i would share my first AR-15 build with you guys
  18. P

    Unhappy with my paint job, so......DONE!

    I was unhappy with the way my first run at painting my Sharp Shooter Supply JVT stock came out. 1: The pattern was only ok, not as good as I wanted. Some empty spots under stock pack. I know nobody will see it, but I know its there. 1a: My pattern had smooth edges and I dig the rough edge...
  19. O

    Gunsmithing My new paint job

    Well, after some suggestions on this forum about painting your rifle with Krylon paint and some home made stencils, I got up the nerve and did it. I used some weeds and branches from the yard and used three different colors from Wal-Mart and my wife and I worked on this until 2 am this morning...
  20. R

    Gunsmithing rem 700 trigger job

    What a good place to get one done? And what do they run? I bought a old rem 700 to replace a x-trigger on ar15 for $15 shipped