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  1. J

    Long range matches in the midwest??

    I'm looking for matches near Missouri. I'm located near Kansas City and would be willing to travel to any bordering state. I do already shoot the Big Piney Sportsmans Club matches in Houston Mo. but am looking for more to attend. If anybody knows of something, or has a good way I can search...
  2. T

    Gunsmithing Gunsmith in or near Kansas

    Looking for someone willing to shorten my barrel, add a bolt knob and adjust a trigger on a CZ 527. Since GA isn't taking partials until Aug. sometime. I would like to try a different route. Thanks in advance.
  3. L

    Missouri / Kansas / Nebraska Training?

    Does anyone know of any quality shooting schools in KS / MO / NE? It can be LEO or civilian. I am just trying to improve my skills. Rifles Only is on my radar, but can't afford the travel / cost right now.
  4. Triad

    Pat Rogers/EAG in North Central Kansas

    05-07 June 2009 - 3 Day Carbine Operators Course - Wamego, KS 3 Day Carbine Operators Course Wamego KS Host: Blake McGuire Admin: EAG – [email protected] Cost: $575 – Deposit $285 Range Fee: $10 per day ($30) payable upon arrival TD1 This...
  5. dar1246

    Kansas Iowa Nebraska Missouri

    Any matches going on in these states. Anything
  6. DarinR

    Range Report Will .243 105g stabilize in 1/10" twist in Kansas?

    Has anyone experimented with the 105 AMAX or similiar bullet in a 1/10" twist .243 Win barrel at an elevation similar to Wichita, KS? Wichita, KS is right around 1300 feet above sea level. I am trading for an AI AW .243 barrel with a "regular" twist so I assume it is 1/10". What is the...