1. Will Fennell

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce knowledge needed.......?

    Folks, I got a chance to pickup a NIB Nightforce NXS 2.5x10x32mm[mil dot reticle], at such a deal, I could not refuse. The only problem, it was sight unseen, and it has the covered-hunting type knobs. I would like zero stop Mil knobs, and while I see on NF's website that you can retro fit scopes...
  2. S

    Range Report Gaining knowledge

    I am trying to learn more about ballistics and fire arms in general. Any suggestions on good quality reading material that can assist me?
  3. bohem

    Anyone have any first hand knowledge of these guys

    I saw them highly regarded on another shooting forum for their VLD's that were originally designed by Jimmie Knox and then sold to Swampworks. 1 or 2 decent reviews there and the ability for me to order 40 of a couple different styles for .308 diameter sold me on trying them out...