lapua 308

  1. Trek

    Reloading Equipment SOLD- Lapua Brass - 308 (1x, Deprimed, SS Cleaned, Annealed)

    I have for sale “500” pieces of Lapua 308 brass (mixed lots) for sale (5 x 100 pieces). The original source of brass was from Creedmoor sports… Fired out of my AIAX bolt rifle. The brass was deprimed on a Co-ax press with a Lee depriming die, and tumbled with SS pins for 90 minutes. Annealing...
  2. S

    .338 Lapua or stick with my .300 win mag? Long range shooting.

    Hello…to anyone reading this post! (And thank you) I’m in need of some advice from actual people that are long range shooters instead of just YouTube and my husband. Basically, I need some answers without bias. Onward… I come from a lineage of Marines, specifically snipers (both Uncles were...
  3. Snaz

    SOLD SOLD: BNIB 308Win Lapua LRP brass

    I have 3 x unopened boxes of Lapua 308 Winchester large primer brass for sale. $OLD shipped USPS Flat Rate signature confirmation. Payment via Discreet PayPal F&F or add 4% G&S. Thanks for looking.