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    AAR: LAV 3-Day Carbine/Pistol; Greenville, TX; 04/

    Vickers Tactical Three Day Carbine/Pistol AAR; North TX; 04/03-05/2009 We just finished hosting Larry Vickers in North Texas at the Adrenaline Proving Grounds Range, Greenville, TX ( for a three day combined carbine and pistol class. In attendance were a total of sixteen...
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    LAV Advanced Handgun Marksmanship; NTX; 10/8-9/09

    Vickers Tactical Advanced Handgun Marksmanship Course Larry Vickers, former U. S. Army Delta Force operator/weapons trainer, American Pistol Guild gunsmith and firearms industry consultant will be returning to North Texas to present his two day Advanced Handgun Marksmanship Course. Larry’s...