1. L

    Lawton Website

    Our current site will be down for a few days while we get our new one in place. We will announce the launch of the new site very soon! Thanks for your patience.
  2. S

    Gunsmithing Lawton 7500 competition???

    Hey fellas i was in the market for a new action for a 30BR that our very own and gifted Jon Beanland is going to build for me. I racked my brain trying to come up with the proper action for the job. ( I know, it doesnt take much to rack my brain!! LOL!! ) Anyway after talking with Lawton and him...
  3. P

    How should I have my Lawton Action/Barrel setup?

    So I'm in contact with Lawton to get it built the way I want it. But I want to run it past you guys to see if there's any changes you would make. So far I'm looking at the following: 7500(probably going to change) series SA Right Hand shooter, Stainless, with a 20 MOA base. With a 18" or 20"...
  4. Marriedman1

    New Lawton 375 Cheytac Arrived

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: GLOWWORM</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Here he is....Manners T3 stock with a Jewel trigger and 30 inches of Fluted Barrel before the 3" of brake with a Lawton 8500 single shot action. I have named him BIG MEDICINE...
  5. orkan

    New Lawton Build

    I've wanted a rifle like this since I was a kid. 5 shots make 1 fuzzy hole at 100yds. Thing of beauty. The can completes the package. Quiet, and the recoil impulse is smoothed out. The lawton brake was more efficient, but I'll take the quiet over a less recoil. Lawton 7000 repeater action...
  6. glock24

    Surgeon SA versus Lawton 7000

    Quite a price difference I know, but I'd like to get some opinions on why I should consider going one way and not the other. Obviously the Surgeon's integrated recoil lug and rail are very nice options, but is that the crux of what the extra expense gets me? Or is there more to it? What about...
  7. G

    lawton 7000 30-06 long action

    I was thinking of getting one from the group buy here but someone there offered me a barreled action and was wondering how good their barrels were? Anybody here have a barrelled action from them. Thanks
  8. ARP

    Photos Lawton built 375 CheyTac Desert Edition

    I got to paint another 375 CheyTac today. This one done in a "military inspired" desert theme camo. These rifles are awesome to see in person for sure. This one belongs to hide member KYShooter338. Pics are a bit less than top quality, but hopefully you can see it well enough to enjoy...
  9. G

    Gunsmithing Lawton 7000 actions long for 300 wsms

    They have a special with them and was wondering if you can make a 300 wsm out of a long action/ Thanks
  10. Mag 300

    Lawton 338 lapua shooting results

    I recently traded for an as new custom rifle , Lawton repeating action Manners t-2 stock Lawton barrel 30" Lawton brake Picked up the rifle yesterday and took it to the range " beautiful by the way" installed a Nightforce 5.5x25 NSX scope mil / mil and started zeroing in three shots zero'd...
  11. M

    AI chassis and Stiller or Lawton action

    Does anyone know if the Lawton 7500s or Stiller tac-30 actions fit right into the AI chassis without modification?any help would be appreciated,thanks.
  12. TacticalSasquach

    lawton and templar actions?

    Does anyone have pics to post of lawton and templar actions? for comparison purposes to base a new build what are differences. thanks in advance
  13. B

    Range Report AICS 2.0 AND LAWTON 8000 L ACTION

    will the AICS 2.0 work with a lawton 8000 L action chambered in 338 snipetac?
  14. ARP

    Photos Lawton built 375 Cheytac

    I just finished coloring on this BEAST of a rifle built by Lawton Rifles for a member of the hide here. It is a 375 CheyTac and it is something to behold. Quite impressive in person. I hope you like it DebosDave. For anybody wondering what the heck that symbol is, visit DDs profile and check...
  15. teknikallysekure

    Lawton rifles thread!

    Hello all, I was wondering there seems to be a few different collections of rifle threads but no Lawton? Would any of you be willing to share pictures of your Lawton rifles? I'd like to see them if it's not to much trouble! Lawton is an official sponsor now, seems like a good day to kick off...
  16. ARP

    Photos New paint on a Lawton Masterpiece

    I had the great honor of putting some DuraCoat on a very nice 300 WSM built by LawtonRifleBarrels and thought I would show it off a bit. The rifle isn't mine, unfortunately