1. A

    Minimul barrel length in .308 to reach 1000 yards

    What is the minimum barrel length in a .308 bolt rifle that is necessary to reach 1000 yards using factory ammo ( most likely 168 SMK).
  2. HiCapMag

    Suppressors Minimum length for suppressed 223?

    Is there a generally accepted minimum length for a 223 if you are going to let it wear a suppressor? For instance is it a really bad idea to put a can on a 7 inch pistol??? Thanks!
  3. S

    5.56 case length with bullet problems now!

    I just trimmed 50 rounds of LC 5.56 and was thinking maybe I trimmed to much. I am loading for a 5.56 AR15 and read the Hornady manual and it says 1.750, is this right for 5.56?
  4. 2

    6.5 Barrel Length

    All - I am looking for some data with regards to the barrel length of a 6.5x47, and can't seem to find anything that addresses my question. Specifically, does anyone have any real world results with a barrel that is below 24 inches? Would I be compromising the 6.5mm performance by going any...
  5. Msprink05

    Full length vs neck sizing

    This has probably been covered but i need some quick info. Im going to order a set of dies for a project rifle im working on in 243. Since it is my only 243 would it be better to order a fl die set or a neck sizer die set? Since its only really going to be a hunting rifle im looking at the lee...
  6. 2

    Gunsmithing 300 WM barrel length

    How much velocity do you lose from a 26" barrel to a 24" barrel in 300 win mag? I'm wanting a good long range hunting rifle in 300 WM can't decide on 24" or 26" barrel somebody give me some guidance !!!
  7. M

    Suppressors 308 Savage, SAS can, barrel length?

    OK, I have the funds to purchase a suppressor and am looking at the SAS titanium can. I plan on using it on my AR15 and my Savage 10fp, A-3 stock with factory barrel. My 308 shoots 5/8"-100yds and probably could do 1/2" if I wasn't such a lame ass. I regularly shoot to 1000yds and can extend my...
  8. bdh308

    Seating length?

    I bought some used competition Rcbs dies for 308win. Ive only been reloading for about 6mths so bare with me if this dumb question. I cant seem to get the bullet seated accurately everytime. Im seating the bullet to 2.820 but Ill get some that are 2.821 or 2.19.5 sometimes 2.17. This really...
  9. S

    Gunsmithing Badger M5 pillar length?

    Could use some help with oal of the pillars for a Badger M5. Switching stocks and need to pillar bed it. Thanks
  10. S

    Rifle Scopes New Falcon Menace 5X25 - Need length information

    A) What is the length of the scope from the end of the rear ocular to the turret housing (rings bump against)? B) What is the length of the turret housing? C) Turret housing to the end of the front objective? D) A+B+C = total overall length Thanks!
  11. D

    Gunsmithing Lightweight AR barrel with mid length gas system?

    Where can I get one? It seems like no one stocks them...everything seems to be special order if you depart from a medium contour barrel.
  12. H

    243 AI vs 260 AI vs AR10 mag length

    I'm getting ready to build an AR10, either in .243 AI or .260 AI With magazine constraints realized, which cartridge can I use the highest BC bullet vs velocity without using up all my powder space? Will the 243 107-115's work at mag length with good velocity? Or will a 139-142 gr. 260 be...
  13. birddog28

    Forster Full Length Competition Sizer die question

    I am using this for my 6.5X47. I have developed a load based on the virgin Lapua brass. When I run the once fired brass through the die, the neck is quite a bit more narrow that the virgin brass. I'll have to put my micrometer on it to measure the differnce. I'm not getting any pressure...
  14. Cross C

    AI 338 mag internal length????

    I've been searching with no luck, with the 338 magazines anyway, for the maximum internal magazine length for the 338 Lapua version of the Badger M5 Detachable mags. Will the Badger also fit with a Stiller TAC 300 action with proper inletting in the stock? I am asking this not to run a LM in...
  15. dontstrokeme

    300WM Trim length

    I know this has been covered before so just pm me please so I can delete the thread if nobody replies here. Looking at my Sierra book and they say to trim the case to 2.610" but in the cartridge drawing it shows the brass length at 2.620"......Am I missing somthing? Which one do I trim to?
  16. B

    Suppressors whats the legal blade length?

    THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931 750.226 Firearm or dangerous weapon; carrying with unlawful intent. Sec. 226. Carrying firearm or dangerous weapon with unlawful intent—Any person who, with intent to use the same unlawfully against the person of another, goes armed with a...
  17. M

    Barrel Length vs. range on 338 Lapua

    I am getting ready to build and was thinking of a 27-29 inch tube since that seems to be the standard length for this caliber. I am looking at one right now that has a 25" barrel. How much range am I giving up with a 25" barrel? Thanks
  18. Insayn

    LaRue Barrel Length Questioins

    I am about to order a LaRue rifle in .223/5.56. I have the option of 16", 18" and 20" barrels with whatever length rail system. I have plenty of 16" barreled AR15's so I am debating over 18" and 20" It'll probably be used to run tactical competitions. I won it using a 24" barreled RRA...
  19. hue001t

    Gunsmithing twist/barrel length?

    im making a 7mm rifle for targets shooting 175gr want to get maximum distance around 800-1000yds. are there any articals i could read about or can any one help what would be the best barrel length twist and grooves?
  20. M

    AR barrel length question

    I am thinking of cutting my AR barrel down from 16" to 14.5" and perm attaching the FH. Would there be any issues with reliability, etc... by doing this? I am mainly trying to reduce a little weight where I can. I do not shoot this rifle in long ranges much. Is there anything else I need to do...