leupold mk6

  1. mhuff

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 6 3-18x40mm, 34mm Tube, w/ TMR Pics and Review..

    I finally had a chance to take some cell pics of my reticle for anyone who's interested. I will try to review the scope and include it in this thread. If anyone has any questions reguarding the scope just pm me or drop a reply. First Impressions: First impressions of this scope are that...
  2. mhuff

    Intro, Remmy SPS. 308 build..

    Hey guys! I must say that I have enjoyed reading almost everything this forum has to offer. Being a country boy from TN everyone I know likes hunting but no one I know has any clue about precision shooting, optics, training or equipment. I would like to thank everyone for opinions stated and...