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    Us optics B-25 for sale, PM me
  2. Yochran

    Best .338 Lapua Magnum under $2000?

    Hey forum, A while ago I took an interest in long range shooting/long range hunting. I bought my first rifle that would have been better than the old .30-06 that I used to use. It was a 7mm Rem Mag, and still performs great out to about 1100 yards, pulling off Sub-MOA shots for me. Past that...
  3. Yochran

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50 SFP, Yay or nay?

    Hey forum, On may 14th or 15th I will be going down to North Carolina and Tennessee to visit my extended family, and my dad and I are planning to take a day to just shoot. The ranges we have already bought our targets for are 100, 300, 500, and 1000 Yards. I'm using a 7mm Rem Mag with a 3-9...
  4. Yochran

    7mm Rem Mag Recoil - How bad is it?

    Hello forum, Before asking for some information let me give a brief description of myself. I’m 5’6, 116 Pounds and 13 years old. But, I am not very recoil sensitive at all I’ve shot 00 Buck 3 1/2” Magnum shotgun shells out of a 8 pound shotgun, and on a .30-06 my favorite bullet weights are...
  5. Tactically_Advantangeous

    Firearms WTS 300 Norma Mag Custom Build Sawtooth Rifles

    WTS my precious custom build by Matt Yore from Sawtooth Rifles 300 Norma Magnum. Really really didn't want to have to do this but funds for the destination wedding are still needed. So my loss your gain. I waited almost 2 years for it to be completed due to custom long action with the hybrid...