1. jsali

    Hunting & Fishing Are we losing our hunting skills?

    I just figured I'd post this as a little food for thought. I've read a pile of threads the last few years about people asking "what's the best hunting bullet", "best hunting caliber", etc... It seems that people, especially the less experienced hunters are looking for technology to anchor...
  2. mattmcg

    Losing confidence in neck turning - What say you?

    Ok, I guess when I was new to the whole reloading biz, I wanted to dial everything in and spent a pretty penny on all the best stuff to extract absolute perfection out of my hand loads. Now with a bit of experience under my belt, I often ask the question, "Is this necessary?" when going about...
  3. J

    Rifle Scopes help. im losing my mind

    been looking on the hide for a good scope for a while. i cant afford but about 600 for one. ive narrowed my search to a couple specific models. falcon ffp, bushnell 4200 tactical, and supersniper so far. i guess my reason for putting this in discussion is that i dont hardly ever see these scopes...