1. Dvando20

    1980's USMC Scout Sniper gear list?

    I am trying to put together a load out kit of everything my father would have taken into the bush when he was a USMC scout sniper in the mid 80's. Looking for list of gear such as types of packs, what goes into them, brand names, models of gear, sidearm, how did they transport their spare 7.62...
  2. Dvando20

    M40A1, did they tack weld the BDL box?

    Working on a M40A1 clone. Somebody mentioned that the armorers in Quantico would tack weld the BDL magazine box directly to the action. Is this true? If so, what locations around the box did they weld them? My action has the screw hole for the ADL retention screw, but I cannot find a BDL box...
  3. J

    M40a1 build list recommendations?

    So I want to build a m40a1 “style” rifle in 6.5 creed On sum what of a budget, what would my best bet be to stay fairly cheap and accurate, start with a cheap adl Varmint or build from a bare receiver on up ? I’d like it to be sub MOA or better, but in the end it’s just going to be a hunting and...