1. Hawkertactical

    Help ID'ing these components

    My 308 absolutely loves these Magtech 168gr "SNIPER" rounds. I know that they use Sierra Mks and CBC brass but I need help IDing the powder (41.8gr-42gr) and the primer
  2. Tactical30

    Magtech primers

    I found a bunch of Magtech small rifle primers online so I ordered a bunch. I was wondering why they had so many in stock (or maybe it was just a coincidence that they got them in stock that day) is there something wrong with those primers? Are they shitty primers or did i just luck out and...
  3. JCH

    Magtech Small Rifle Primers in stock at Cabelas

    Just bought 5000 get em while you can 800-237-4444
  4. caveman_tx

    magtech brass

    I've just started shooting 308 and will eventually (soon) begin reloading. The ONLY factory ammo I can find is Magtech, but have found a pretty good supply of it. Question is, does this brass do ok for reloading?
  5. kraigWY

    Magtech #5 1/2 SP Mag Primer

    I found a couple thousand of these primers. Magtech 5 1/2 SP Mag Primer. I several of them don't go off the first time. I try to fire then again and after 2-3 hammer strikes the fire. Once in a while I run across one that wont fire at all. At first I thought maybe it was my 642 (though I...