1. C

    SOLD Hawk Hill 6.5MM 1:8 Marksman Barrel Blank

    Ordered this barrel in 2015 from OTM and have been waiting for a build, but keep buying guns instead. Figured it doesn't need to keep taking up room. Have not seen one for sale in a while and this was always a hard barrel to find. Real OG Hawk Hill. Hawk Hill Marksman Contour 6.5MM 1-8 Twist...
  2. Kimber.204

    Accessories McMillan Marksman - Inletted for SA TL3

    I have a McMillan Marksman stock inletted for: - Bighorn TL3 short action (will also work for most Rem 700 clones) - Remington Varmint barrel (I presently have a Proof Carbon Sendaro barrel on my TL3 and it is slightly too big for the barrel channel of this stock but all of my varmint tapers fit...
  3. L

    Rifle Scopes Zeneth vs Police Marksman (weight)

    Anybody know what accounts for the weight difference between these two lines of S&B scope. For instance: Zenith short dot is 16oz (24" objective) while Police Marksman is 20oz (20" objective) Zenith 3-15 is 22oz vs Police Marksman is 30oz Is one built better than another?