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    Reloading Equipment Sierra 77 gr TMK - Unopened Box of 100 SOLD

    $35 net to me plus shipping from 50613.
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    Federal .308 168gr vs 175gr accuracy?

    I have a savage 10 .308 with a 1:10 twist. My local shop got stacks of federal gold medal 168 gr and 175 gr sierra matchking ammo in and i went ahead and invested in the 175gr cause i had shot some other 175 s and was already zeroed for them but are the 168's more accurate closer range. I heard...
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    Hornady AMAX VS Sierra Matchking 168GR

    What has your gun liked better? I was thinking about giving them a try. I shoot mostly Sierra's but the A-MAX seems to be a little easier to get these days and a little less cost never hurts either! Jeff
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    .308 Sierra 155 gr HPBT Palma Matchking

    The Sierra site says B.C. is .504 @2700+fps. Just wandering if anyone has tested and found this b.c. accurate? Didn't find much using search.