1. F

    Anybody in West Michigan?

    Looking for Snipers in west michigan to shoot with. It's always good to have witnesses when I go 30 for 30 @ 200
  2. coolwaterz

    Suppressors Michigan can compliant in 2009 ?

    I was told by a member here when meeting face to face that MI will be legal by November to apply and obtain cans for your toys... any residents know how much trouble it will be,and the legitimacy of this? I have googled and found a few mentioned articles but somewhat vague.
  3. E

    Member Link Up Michigan - A place to shoot?

    Hello Michigan - Need some info . . . Looking for a "gravel pit" type shooting area where I can safely run some carbine drills - 50 yds. with a safe backstop will do . . . . anything like that in your area?? I'm in Waterford and off this weekend - travel not an issue. Feel free to PM me...