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  1. skulldragr17

    FS: Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 Mil-C

    $2,800 Shipped Model C578 Lightly Used Comes with 1.125” rings
  2. M

    Rifle Scopes 1.5-6 power scope with Mil/Mil

    I want to scope an all around rifle. (0-600 meters) Does anyone make a scope with matching reticle and knobs in a 1/5-6 power (or similar range) other than USO? Thanks
  3. B

    Rifle Scopes ffp mil/mil brand options

    k guys, just about to get my tikka varmint and am in need of a scope to put on top I'm after ffp mil/mil and wondering aside from these companies what other options do I have? ior falcon uso nxs
  4. M

    Rifle Scopes Is it worth $1100 to convert to Mil/Mil?

    I have a IOR 2.5-10 with MP-8 recticle. It seems like a good scope (I hear rumors about quality issues for the internals) If I upgrade to a USO 1.8-10 to get Mil/Mil it seems like it is going to cost about $1100 more to do so. Of course I am getting a better scope along with it. So, is it...
  5. M

    Rifle Scopes Mil/Mil

    I have heard a lot of people are using Mil/Mil scopes. I am just starting the move from KD shooting like F-class to unknown distance shooting. I tried a search to get info but if you type in Mil you get everything. Is there anywhere I can read up on how you would use a mil/mil system? I...
  6. N

    Rifle Scopes Optice choice? mil/mil or moa/moa

    Looking to buy a nice tactical style scope for a AR-10 rifle. Looking to do some shooting out to 800 yrds or further. I've looked at everything from High end Lupys, Nightforce, USO's and even S&B. I know that the last 3 are great but where do you stop. I'm not rich, and where does the quality vs...
  7. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Street value of S&B PMII 3-12x50 FFP mil/mil?

    Hiders, You guys know more about this than I do. What would be the going price on an S&B (used but mint) 3-12x50 PMII LP?? P4L-Fine reticle Double-turn elevation adjustment knob and MRAD adjustment range (0.1 MRad per click) FFP Sounds like a nice rig but I don't know much about these...
  8. Jimmy2Times

    Rifle Scopes Dope math using a Mil/Mil based scope.

    Ok, so I'm looking to replace my 3 Leupold MKIV's with USO ST-10's. Now, all my life I have been using 1/4 MOA clicks on my scopes, and a mil dot reticle for range estimation for the last 10 years. So range dope using MOA is second nature to me and I can figure the dope without much thought at...
  9. paraman1

    Rifle Scopes Mil/Mil Scope Options

    So what are you roptions when looking for a Mil-Dot scope with Mil adjustments . I would prefer something with 1st focal plane of course and a price close to 1000 dollars . I know I am in La La land here but humor me .
  10. TacticalSasquach

    Rifle Scopes first focal plane mil/mil under 1.5k list

    looking at optics under 1,500 dollars ,first focal plane only , mil/mil only multiple powers only( IE 5-15x, 5-25x, etc) mildot reticle only please fellow hide members help populate a list of manufacturers and their respective magnification power. thanks.
  11. D

    Rifle Scopes Opinions: IOR 2.5-10x42 FFP, MP8. lit, mil/mil

    I've owned IORs before and sometimes had problems but had good customer service. I haven't owned one for a few years and LOTS of new designs and scopes have come out since and more and more folks have gotten on the bandwagon. I'm considering purchasing one of the 2.5-10x42 scopes with the lit...
  12. JLM

    Rifle Scopes Scopes: MOA/MOA or MIL/MIL

    I'm in the market for a new tube. What are the pro's and con's of both systems? I allready read Lowlight's excellent article on the front page about MIL/MIL based scopes, but what about MOA/MOA based scopes? No matter what I do I want to keep things consistent between the reticle and the...
  13. USMCj

    Rifle Scopes Millett LRS/TRS goes Mil/Mil, LRS gets Illum Ret!!

    It looks like the folks at Millett have been paying attention, 3 new models in the LRS line of scopes (moa/illum, mil/mil, and mil/mil illum) and also a mil/mil TRS in the works. Link to LRS Link to TRS...