1. tacgnut

    How to: 20 min rail on a Tikka Tactical T3

    I have this Tikka T3 Tac rifle, it shoots very well but I need more elevation for longer shots. Is there a way to do this since the base is integral?
  2. GUNNER75

    Gunsmithing .243 Barrel Length, is 24" the min.?

    Just curious. Have been running a .243 in a 28" and a newer build in 24", but have little time behind the 24". Noticed a 35ish fps drop between the two. Need to chrony more loads to verify this. Has anyone ran a shorter barrel .243? (shooting 107's or 115's?) I know many have said that a...
  3. R

    Rifle Scopes leupold VX3 AO min parallax setting?

    all the VX3 AO min parallax is? 25 or 50 0r 75 yard ?