1. B

    Training Courses Iowa Basic Precision Rifle Course by BP Precision at Sureshot Range in Mt. Auburn IA

    BP Precision Basic long range precision rifle course at Sureshot in Mt Auburn, Iowa. This course is an entry level course where shooters will take themselves and their rifles to the next level. In this one-day course we will go over the fundamentals, rifle setup, how to setup and verify...
  2. J

    Long range matches in the midwest??

    I'm looking for matches near Missouri. I'm located near Kansas City and would be willing to travel to any bordering state. I do already shoot the Big Piney Sportsmans Club matches in Houston Mo. but am looking for more to attend. If anybody knows of something, or has a good way I can search...
  3. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing Missouri Breaks Bull Elk Permit....drew it!!

    Going to start scouting this weekend....cant wait for October!!!
  4. 45.308

    Member Link Up Missouri brothers, question on hand guns?

    Can I legally take possession of handguns in MO being a resident of another state, Alaska? I was told by friends relative visiting there he could not take his to go shoot without having a MO hunter/firearm safety class and a permit/license and cannot find any INTEL from the Gov sites if this is...
  5. srv656s

    Missouri - Big Piney - Tactical Marksmanship comp

    Got out to shoot yesterday with the guys from the Big Piney Sportsman's club in the Tactical Marksmanship match. They do 2 matches, an F-Class type match where you shoot 5 shots prone @ 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800 yards. Yesterday was teh first time I tried the Tactical match...
  6. L

    Missouri / Kansas / Nebraska Training?

    Does anyone know of any quality shooting schools in KS / MO / NE? It can be LEO or civilian. I am just trying to improve my skills. Rifles Only is on my radar, but can't afford the travel / cost right now.
  7. dar1246

    Kansas Iowa Nebraska Missouri

    Any matches going on in these states. Anything
  8. 762frmafr


    i am in central missouri about 5 miles from owensville. i own 100+ acres and have 400+ yards to shoot if anyone is interested. i am also looking for a place to shoot 1000+. thank you.
  9. W

    Member Link Up Missouri shooters

    Any Missouri reloaders and shooters here?Where are some places to practice long range that has anything over 300 yards?And dont cost so much for membership you have to float a loan.