1. upjeeper

    Gunsmithing modifications to stocks? i.e. quick detach stock

    any of you guys tried to modify your stocks so the buttstock would be a quick detach type? been thinking it might be kind of a neat little project. i'd love an AICS but can't afford one.
  2. 1

    Suppressors Ruger Mark II pistol: Modifications?

    Just picked up a nice stainless Mark II, and can't resist the urge to make it 'better' somehow. I plan to thread the barrel for a can, any other suggestions? And yes, I tried the 'Search' function first. 1911fan
  3. Stealth5

    Best Bolt modifications to a CZ

    Im looking to do something with the stock standard little cz knob, would like to see what you CZ owners have done.