1. BgBmBoo

    Hunting & Fishing Couple of morning yotes

    A buddy and I went out this morning for a little yote call'in. Ended up calling in 4 total but only got two. On the 2nd stand we both missed our dog....I had a perfect broad side shot at 100yrds....and missed! But it was a great way to start my day. Take care,Stan
  2. malaga2

    Suppressors Good morning at the range

    Was supposed to meet a friend this morning to test out some of our cans.. he got called to work but here is a selection that I brought out (I remembered the threaded barrel fro the glock this time) The Trident 9 performed very well dry using Fiocchi ammo.. real quiet out of the Contender...
  3. C

    Sunday morning range time

    My son and I shot at 500 this morning. Very windy but a good day anyway. Been shooting our bench guns a lot lately but took out the TRG 42 338 Lapua and the 260AI this morning, forgot I had'nt loaded any 280AI so it got left at home. Trying out a new stand to hold the 2x4 armour plate that...
  4. E

    Hunting & Fishing Early morning yote!

    I woke up this morning to one of the kids saying, "Dad, there's a coyote outside"! I got the Kimber gov't Model 82 and a CCI short pistol round and chambered it and held on its ear and...pop!...thud! right out the bedroom window at 88 yds. I've waited alomost 10 years to do this! Kinda ugly...
  5. Ratbert

    Maggie’s Good morning, all.

    Just in case any of you aren't feeling 100% this morning...