1. MachineGunTours

    Photos Best Match Pict ever 2009 Blue Ridge Mountain 3Gun

    I met these two operators at the match. They mentioned something about answering phones, vmail and transferring calls. We had a great time and we will back for more next year.

    Rocky Mountain Bullets.

    We have decided on a weight. The BC on these bullet are looking like they will be close to or right a 1. These will be aluminum tipped bullets. We went out and did some testing today and shot a few sub moa groups at 1k and i was very happy about how they were peforming. If all goes well should...
  3. P

    Rocket Mountain

    anyone been to hawthorne,nv for the usmc high angle shooting course? excellent instructors in my opinion. i learned more there about shooting than all my experience prior.
  4. S

    Green Mountain 10/22 MAGNUM BARREL - Closeout

    Green Mountain's web site has the 17 inch blue and stainless Ruger 10-22 MAGNUM barrels on a close out special for $74 blued and $84 stainless. Anyone used/have one of these on the 10/22 Mag Ruger?? I'm sure the 20" is the big seller - does the 3" make that big a difference (I'm sure it will be...
  5. Sumpter Steve

    Storm Mountain Training

    Has anyone been through their "Sniper 1" class? What did you think? I'm interested in attending but would like some input. I wasn't able to find anything through the search function. Thanks. Steve.