1. ECHO4

    Rifle Scopes Narrowed the scope choice down for the 10/22

    It's going to be an entry level scope just so I can get trigger time, while saving my money for a better quality scope. I'll just be hitting the range shooting out to 150-200 max and plinking at camp. I have narrowed it down the the: BSA Sweet .22 6-18x40 side paralax BSA Contender 6-24x40...
  2. K

    Rifle Scopes Ok its narrowed down to 2

    I know I know...another scope choice thread... Rifle: REM 5R 308/AICS 1.5 Typical usage: Mat and bench shooting, 200-900yds The contenders: "Classic tank" USO SN-3 3.2-17, illuminated Gap ret, EREK mil/mil, FFP "Hubble telescope monster" IOR Valdada 4-28x56, illuminated MP-8 ret, 1/4 moa...