1. C

    Hunting & Fishing Nice little buck

    My wife drew a tag on the id/nv border and we saw this little guy last weekend while scouting. He stood there for 20 minutes letting us watch him. He is nice and fat, now if I can just find his daddy!!
  2. X

    Nice Shooting!! NY F Class this weekend

    Got whupped like a rented mule by Panzer 075 today at the Albany Palma match. He was seriously into the tiny F Class target at 1000 yds. One string I think was 96 with several x---didn't get the totals, but his 308 w/bipod was kicken ass. My first time shooting at that devil's invention of a...
  3. C

    Suppressors Nice new NFA data resource...

    To all the NFA owners here: Please hit up, get an anonymous account, and enter your transfer info if you have it recorded somewhere. This has potential to be a huge resource for the NFA community. He's adding functions but it already provides a lot of good data analysis under...
  4. RollingThunder51

    Photos Nice Desktop

    This was crafted as a "stretch" desktop for a 1024x768 desktop. This is the new adjustable all aluminum stock, new trigger and lower, new barrel (shown here in 16", the one that punched the target in the next shot). This rifle has the new surface treatment as well.
  5. J

    Rifle Scopes So I get this nice big box from Glen Seekins......

    <span style="font-size: 14pt">Wow!! I love boxes of stuff....and this is a big box to come from Glen!! What could be in it??</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt">'s packed well...must be good stuff! Maybe it's a few sets of rings, possibly some bottom metal, ooo...
  6. Rob01

    Gunsmithing Some nice finish work

    Seems like our own Septic Tank has a new site and is offering finishing work. Looks good
  7. CDiPrecision

    Just got a nice 40x 22 Lr.. Magazine/ bottom metal

    I see that this is a single feed deal. IS there nay demand for a bottom metal that would take a 22 LR mag (Maybe Win Mod 52 Mags). Any input is welcome.