1. epmonies

    Accessories WTS: Noveske Unobtanium NSD-N4-11

    Unobtanium time. Have a brand new Noveske NSD-N4-11 handguard. These are no longer in production, nor will they ever be manufactured by Noveske again. $700 OBO
  2. Sirbikealot7

    Firearms SOLD FS: Noveske N6 6.5 Creedmoor 20" switchblock AR10

    Love this gun but making some changes in the safe and need to free up some funds for other things. Gun is in very good condition, couple very small blemishes but overall its like new. Just a little wear under the charging handle area and a mark on the inside of the lower receiver near the buffer...
  3. MrSunday

    Accessories SOLD: Noveske NSR 15" Handguard

    FS: Noveske NSR 15 Handguard In excellent condition, No issues. PM if you have any questions. Color Matte Black Finish Black Material Aluminum Length 15 Inches Weight 11.6 Ounce Rail Style KeyMod Gas System Length Up to Extended Rifle Inside Diameter 1.35 Inches...
  4. D

    Firearms WTS/WTT Noveske Infidel with goodies

    I have a like new Noveske infidel. I’m AR poor and like to run cans and can’t do that with this one. Mainly looking to trade it but would sell it off too. Gun come with all originals, mag pul pro flip ups, magpul vert grip and a magpul metal sling lug, mag pul bad lever has been removed. $2200...
  5. X

    Firearms WTB Noveske Marked SWS Full Upper or Noveske Marked Rail (556)

    After a change in a build priorities , I'm looking to do a retro Noveske Upper including the Marked SWS Rail. Since there are probably 10 or so years old now and of course I sold mine a few years back, I'm stuck looking. Any help/leads/for sale's would be appreciated. Full Upper with Rail, Just...
  6. A

    14.5 mid-length Training Upper - Noveske, Rainier or what?

    Hey guys/gals, I'm in the market to either buy or build a 14.5 mid-length upper to train with and hopefully take to some run and gun events/competitions and would appreciate opinions and thoughts. Right now my criteria is pretty simple: 1. Accurate - hate to miss a target or score low...
  7. mrgreentie

    2013 Noveske Rifleworks US Carbine Association National Championship (2 Gun)

    The first ever USCA National Championship is confirmed: The 2013 Noveske Rifleworks USCA National Championship. 2 Gun (Rifle and Pistol) The match will be in Florida Nov.15th - 17th. 250+ shooters over 9-stages. ROs shoot on the 15th. Shooters will shoot 5-stages on Saturday, the 16th...
  8. A

    Suppressors AR-15 Gas block

    I have recently purchased a Suppressor, and having some problems with blowback. My friend was telling me about a company called a "Noveske Switch block" has any one purchased one and can you tell me where to obtain one other than their website, because I tried emailing them asking if they have...
  9. P

    Noveske N4 Receiver Question

    I have an opportunity to possibly buy a Noveske N4 lower receiver for an AR15. The seller says this is a "B" series serial numbered unit, which is supposedly more rare, or valuable than the "E" series. Can anyone speak to that. I like Noveske lowers, but am not going to pay extra for the "B"...
  10. H

    Rifle Scopes Scope Choice For Noveske 5.56 SPR Build

    Right now I am looking at the Night Force 2.5-10x24 and 2.5-10x32 both MIL/MIL, or possibly a USO SN-4 1.5-6x28 with EREK. I already have a Night Force 3.5-15x50 on another rifle, and a USO ST-10 on another build and I love both. I would like to keep the weight down by going wth the NF and I...
  11. rebelmatt79

    Ammo for Noveske N6?

    I have a new Noveske N6 7.62 NATO. 12.5" barrel 1 - 10 twist. what ammo should i start with out of this semi auto gas gun?
  12. rebelmatt79

    Rifle Scopes Suggestions on Optics for Noveske

    I have a Noveske N6 12.5" waiting for me.(ATF) Looking to accesorize it and was looking for input from you guys on what optics I should look at. I'm not looking for a red dot or halo right now. I want to put an adjustable low mag scope. IOR, Trijicon, Leupold, NF, USO? The T24 from Trijicon is...
  13. dustinlotz

    Noveske SPR Barrel

    Anybody know who may have an SPR Noveske tube laying around??? I've checked with Noveske and Rainier, but no luck. Lead time is not too bad, but if I could get one now that would be sweet. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. A

    Something a little different; Noveske Leonidas SBR

    On its way... Well, actually, it's not that simple. The gun pictured is a post-sample Noveske Leonidas 7.62. Noveske is temporarily out of the 7.62 business, and I've been wanting to build an SBR AR10. When I saw the gun pictured for sale on an NFA board (Sturm) I emailed the dealer and...
  15. S

    Breaking in an 18in SS Noveske Barrel

    I just got a SS Noveske barrel that I am currently breaking in. After every 10 shots I am cleaning out the barrel as was recommended. I do this at the range and for me my boresnake is the easiest thing to carry around with me. Is the boresnake adequate for cleaning during the break in process...
  16. 500grains

    What is the diff between Larue and Noveske barrels

    What is the difference between Larue Stealth AR15 barrels and Noveske barrels? There was a bit of a spat between Larue and Noveske, with Noveske thinking the Larue barrels were becoming too similar to his. ?
  17. jayjaytuner

    80 grain JLK in noveske ar15

    anyone know if one could reload the JLK 80 grain VLD and make it chamber in the noveske match mod 0 chamber ar-15 biuld with noveske 7 twist 18" SPR barrel dont have a chamber length gauge at the moment, kinda of a long shot, but wondering if anyone knew off hand
  18. Short-Fuze

    Help me decide Noveske N4 Shorty or LWRC M6A2 6.8

    Please help me decide on my next purchase as I am torn between the Noveske and the LWRC.
  19. TOPO-sniper

    Noveske stop selling 7.62 rifles/uppers?

    Just noticed there were no 7.62 uppers/rifles on the Noveske website today (at least how they used to be listed so I may have just missed it). Any clue why?
  20. mtm87tx

    noveske lowers at Cold war shooters for 299

    if anyone has a strange desire to buy a stripped noveske lower from cold war shooters at a price of 299 they show to have them i bought one and paid the price to have a matching receiver to my upper, this one is getting SBR'd