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  1. N

    WTB Sig Sauer x-five Germany

    WTB - any caliber! made in Germany Sig Sauer x-five or x-six germany - p226s gen1 or 2 allround LDC II please pm me. must be established member. thanks
  2. ShotgunDiesel

    Firearms Sold

    BNIB never fired two tone Sig 226 .40 SW. Comes with 3 magazines that are brand new and one used mag. $725 shipped to your ffl. I am looking for 35mm Hawkins tactics rings 1.15 or so, 6gt die set and a whidden 6 creed click sizer.
  3. Saito

    Suppressors Holster for Sig P226 X-5

    I remember a thread where the OP was looking for a holster for the aforementioned pistol. Get a SERPA for an HK USP. The SERPA for the USP fits the HK45, the Sig X-5 and the sidearm it was designed for. I was elated to find this out yesterday and thought I'd share.