1. GenericBadGuy

    Accessories Eberlestock X1 Euro Pack, Badlands Monster Pack, Alpz Big Bear Pack, ColeTac Ammo Novel for sale

    For sale lots of packs like new or brand new: 1. Eberlestock X1 Euro Mirage- $old 2. Badlands Monster Pack Approach camo- $120 3. Alpz Big Bear Pack - $65 4. Coletac Dark Camo 6 dasher/gt - $old I accept PayPal Friends and Family, checks, USPS Money Orders. Please check my feedback many happy...
  2. adb77

    Clean out sale

    Got some gear I don’t use anymore. Hit me up for pictures, I’ll add later. Prices are negotiable and interesting trades considered. 1. Mystery Ranch Scree pack: lightly used in pristine condition 140$ shipped. 2. Hill People Gear recon chest pack: perfect conditionsold 3. Hill People Gear...
  3. M

    match loads from surplus battle packs?

    hey yall, very new to reloading have a lot of questions but heres one. since components seem like a myth lately thanks to darkness, it ocurred to me that if one were so inclined they may be able to bullet pull some surplus NATO type rounds and reload with a 175 SMK for an improvised "m118 lr"...
  4. cypriss32

    Who sells the 1k packs of LAPUA (.308)185gr FMJBT

    Found one large retailer that sells these bullets, but can NOT remeber who he is. Im looking the sight. Any help would be great!