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  1. T

    SOLD The Unicorn Item, a ZM LR300 Upper ML-N or SL-N model W/ original ZM Grip & Telescopic Stock

    ——Found and Purchased—- Looking to buy a rare piece of AR history, an original ZM LR-300 upper kit. Specifically looking for either the 11.5" or 16" upper with a nylatron handguard. I'm also searching for either the ZM, YHM, or Para Ordnance LR300 specific telescopic buttstock and ZM pistol...
  2. Vivacious Stallion

    Accessories Closet Cleanup: now with a couple scopes

    Hello Hide members, I am updating the list with more random stuff. It is just sitting around, so better to get it sold than sit in a box. I will ship for free to the lower 48 and prefer to use Paypal FTF as that has worked well on here in the past. I am not looking for trades at this time. Let...
  3. that_dude_ryanmichael

    Accessories AR Parts

    My uncle is cleaning out his safe. Looking to repurpose some these for an elk hunt. $50 for it all. Stays together No trades please PayPal FF, or gift
  4. AKMarty

    Firearms WTB-Sig516 Tensioning Plunger

    I need two of these if anyone has them... part #51 in Sig 516 parts diagram. thanks
  5. T

    SOLD WTS: McMillan A1-3 Short Action Stock Price Reduced

    Selling a used McMillan A1-3 Short Action Stock in Olive Drab Green Its been milled to take a Badger Ordnance M5 BDM but should be able to adapt to a M4 BDM for use with a XM-3 clone build, Major Price Reduction, I need to sell this before I transfer to my new command. Asking (was $650.00)...
  6. austinamigo

    Wassup Guys

    What’s up guys, my name is Austin. From San Antonio, Texas. Been in the military since 2014. I’m currently starting a Mk13 Mod 0 build and I got the MIRS and FCG from Thoroughbred Armament. I’m probably gonna get a McMillan A4 stock instead since I can’t find a Mk13 return stock that I can...
  7. 18Echo

    Just took my parts to Gary Ocock..

    I just got back from driving over to Gary Ocock's place to drop off my parts. He's a genuinely nice guy and great to chat with. He was recommended to me by a colleague who said he builds the sniper rifles for our departments SWAT team (Phoenix PD), I googled him and after reading the stuff on...
  8. C

    Gunsmithing sig 220' in 45qcp. Any parts I need to keep on han

    I just bought,clean,and used Sig 220 with N/S and a factory rail. Nightsites are brite and I feel it well with the tradea. I've heard stories or certain pins and springs break are common on this gun. Any suggestions and where can I find them? Thanks. Cut
  9. GBMaryland

    Gunsmithing TRG-22/42 Parts?

    Anyone know where to find Sako TRG-22/42 cheek and butt spacers? I called Berretta and no one is there for a week... and the customer service people don't seem to be able lookup any parts or find the parts when I GIVE them the part numbers. Nuts. (I'm trying to avoid tjgeneralstore or the...
  10. LSUbeatUby40

    Gunsmithing Anyone know the legalities on shipping parts.?

    specifically a 6 position Collapsible stock to France?
  11. gol1

    Gunsmithing AR-10 factory parts

    Hi I need your help directing me to a place where I can order parts for an Armaliate AR-10 factory replacment pats like trigger and sear. Thanks
  12. 2

    Rifle Scopes savage parts

    Hello, I have for sale or trade parts for a savage model 11FYXP4, a 22"blued 243 win barrel and a synthetic youth model stock. Both are in very good condition and i will accept offers. I bought the complete rifle to get the reciever, bolt, and trigger for another rifle that I built. Thanks
  13. D

    Lower Parts Kit???

    I am going to order an APA Lower and I am going to install a Geissele Trigger, a Magpul PRS Stock and an Ergo Grip on it. I am starting from scratch so I will need all the parts necessary to accomplish this. Can someone with more experience point me in the right direction? I want to do this...
  14. P

    Firearm Parts Quality

    Need some perspective…from the many experienced enthusiasts on this forum. Up until about 6 months ago, my deepest involvement with firearms was a 22 Ruger and 9mm handgun. I then decided to build my own AR15. This has been somewhat disappointing due to the weak quality of some products...
  15. kac1345

    AR15 parts?

    Anybody know where I can get a complete A2 stock with (spring/buffer)ect...and a parts kit for a stripped lower, at this point I dont give a shit what trigger it is.
  16. D

    Sako TRG aftermarket parts

    Would the Sako TRG rifles be a more attractive option as a high end production rifle if there were affordable aftermarket parts? Parts including a bipod adapter for example versapod, picatinny rail/scope rings and muzzle breaks?
  17. garrett

    Help identifying rifle and parts?

    So Turk posted his rifle in the picture gallery a while ago and I stumbled across it today, this is basically the build I have been wanting to make with a few differences. http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showgallery&Number=1072105 I was wondering though if anyone can ID the...
  18. MtnShot243

    CZ 452 need upgrade parts

    Will some one let me know were to get upgrades for the cz 452 please. I am working on a trainer.
  19. Hasgun Willtravel

    Gunsmithing Build parts are in, need some input 6.5x47 bullet

    I have been struggling over this one. 6.5x47 Lapua. My Pierce TAC repeater action has been done for quite some time, and the barrel has finally showed up. Its a 30" Broughton blank, to finish at 28" She will sit snuggly in a AICS 1.5 from our friend Adam Bauer. All my parts are in, and...
  20. H

    DD Ross Parts

    Does anyone out there know where you can get DD Ross parts from?