1. lowlight

    Patches for Contributors to Defense Fund

    We have the patches and everything in place to mail them off, so if you contributed to our Defense Fund with the Tactical Rifles Lawsuit, Email me your Name & Address to: [email protected] and we'll mail you out a patch.
  2. lowlight

    Sniper's Hide PVC Patches "Global Design" Available Now !

    The Sniper's Hide Global PVC Patch is now available ! 3" PVC Patch with Velcro Looping on the Back In the SH Store for $9 plus $1 S&H We currently have a bunch available with more coming ...
  3. Bushmaster7

    Photos 60 Kill WWII Sniper Patch

    Here is the 60 confirmed kill WWII German Sniper patch I mentioned in my reply regarding the authenticity of my patch. This came direct off of the Caracci Militaria webpage. I know him and he is a recognized expert. As you can see, this is one in good condition like mine, not cut from a uniform...
  4. Bushmaster7

    Photos WWII Sniper Patch

    After many years of looking, I managed to find an authentic WWII German Sniper Patch. You may recognize this as Lowlight's Avatar image. These are among the rarest of all insignia from WWII and were awarded but generally never worn on uniforms due to the fact that anyone captured wearing one of...