pelican case

  1. AIAW

    SOLD Inflection Ammo Case "Bullet Box" - 50 BMG/Barrett 419

    For 50 BMG/Barrett 419 (could really use it for other "large"calibers). Brand new, never used. It has 50 holes to accommodate up to 50 rounds. This case is designed to house 50 BMG and Barrett 419 cartridges. The cases listed will take a round with an overall length of 8.00”. $200 shipped
  2. N

    New Guy from Texas!

    Hey All, Just wanted to do my semi-late introduction sooner, rather than later. I am from Texas but am currently in the US Navy and hope to commission into the Marine Corps at a later point in time. I enjoy shooting, mudding, noodling, and just about any type of good ole' Redneck activity...
  3. O

    How to Configure Your Pelican Case (Pics and videos!)

    [updated 3/15/2013] Hello everyone! Decided to provide some video links I found online for setting up a Pelican Case. Just a few notes I took from these videos Materials needed: -Pelican Case -Black or silver Sharpie/Marker or chalk (chalk is sounds better than permanent) -Electric knife...