1. sniperk1ng20

    Firearms 🛑 WTS Tikka Tac A1 6.5CM w/ Custom Deployment Kit - 1/4 MOA rifle-OC-Added Custom Ammo🛑

    Make: Tikka a1 Tac Model: Tac A1 Caliber: 6.5cm creedmoor Location (city or county): Orange County - will meet at OC Guns Price: 2500 FIRM Will ship (Y/N): Yes on your dime Other info: This rifle is a TESTED 1/4 MOA rifle!! Like new ( Rifle was $2300 New ) Total Package cost $3400 new. 400...
  2. GarrettRipcordIndustries

    Firearms MK13 MOD 5 Kits

    Hey guys, I got some MK13 Mod 5 .300Win Kits in and wanted to post them here for the clone guys. Please visit the website and check them out. Thanks! -AI Mk13 MOD 5 Chassis -x8 AI .300Win Magazines -Pelican iM3300 -iMuns Clip-On Rail...
  3. lowlight

    Pelican Set up for Tyler

    Tyler, Here are the Pictures of the Pelican 1615 Air with my AI rifles Barrels go in a barrel bag under the tripod so they are not just sitting out there as it appears when traveling
  4. D

    Looking for drag bag to fit in Pelican 1750

    Hello fellow Sniper's Hide shooters, I'm looking for a drag bag that will fit snug inside a Pelican 1750 hard case. Preferably 50 inches in legnth Since I will be removing the foam inserts, I would like the bad to have good padding/protection. I've gotten tired of buying and cutting new foam...
  5. X

    Show me your pelican!!!

    Hopefully this can just be a fun spot to show off your gun case setup and give other people ideas on what to do with theirs... Whether you have a top of the line Pelican case, or the flimsy black case your gun came in (like me ;) ), be proud of your setup and post a picture of your case!
  6. 3

    Pelican style case help!

    I hope that this is in the right section! I have a case similar to a pelican case that has 2 layers of flat foam in it. I was wondering what the ideal way to cut the foam to the shape of the rifle would be? Should I just give it a whirl with the exacto knife or what?
  7. OFIS

    Pelican & soft case, I have seen the light

    I remember there was a thread dealing with the theory/ usability of this setup, but I never liked the options of soft cases that were found to be in the golden ratio of 42x13x5... Until today: I finally bit the bullet and took a chance on the I Shot SERT 42" case and have no regrets. It fits...
  8. G

    Tan or OD Pelican 1750 OR Storm im3300

    Where are you guys finding em for the cheapest?
  9. T

    M40A3 Pelican Storage Case Pic's?

    Anybody have any pics of what the internal layout of an official USMC pelican 1750 case looks like? Was wondering, because I want to set up a transit case for my M40A3. Some layout and content pics would be great. All the best, Carl