1. A

    Hunting & Fishing Pennsylvania Game Commission Opinions wanted

    All, Before I start this thread, I would like to fully acknowledge that I was in willful violation of PA's hunting laws. However, there are constitutional protections that apply to all of us. That being said, I'm interested in hearing about ways to defend myself using my rights as a...
  2. shooter65

    Hunting & Fishing Pennsylvania deer hunters

    Harvested 335,850 deer in 2008-09 according to Pa. Game News.
  3. MueveloNYC

    Hunting & Fishing Pennsylvania (PA) Hog/Feral Pig Hunting?

    Anyone know of a good place in PA that has guided hog hunts that are decent? I would like to learn how to clean these piggies too. (originally I was planning to go to Texas, but I'm short on funds, but I hear PA has good hog hunts) I'd like to stay away from the canned hog hunt where you...