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  1. D

    Looking for pet loads for a DPMS 243 in 10 twist

    Before the search NAZI's say a word I did and came up empty . As for the rest much more helpful and pleasent members of this forum I just purchased a 243 DPMS upper that should be here by the weeks end. I've not loaded this cal for a gas gun and am heavy on bullets in the 66 to 87 grain area...

    308 pet loads

    I know i have seen this here, just cant find it. Search didnt bring it up. Im looking for good 1k loads for a 308's. One with 22 inch 5r barrel, one with 20 inch 5r. Just wondering what you guys are loading for max accuracy. I have been using varget, getting ready to test some 4895. Im partial...
  3. L

    Anyone have a 300 RUM pet load???

    Hello, Looking for a hunting load for a 300 RUM. Been playing with 180 Nosler Partitions with no luck on groups. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Weldon
  4. The King

    LR260 pet loads?

    I'm looking to see if anyone has a pet H4350/Scenar 139 load for a DPMS LR260 24"? Other pet loads are welcome though.