1. Valmet Hunter 308

    Valmet Hunter 308

    John Torcasio with a Valmet Hunter 308 Semi-Auto
  2. T

    Maggie’s Epic military photos

    All right guys, time to share some of your epic military photographs. Let's see 'em. Some things never change
  3. One_Feather

    Gunsmithing Cut away photos for Rem 700

    Does anyone have any cutaway photos of a remington 700 action, barrel, chamber area?
  4. earthtrekker1775

    Suppressors New member. How do I post photos on a forum topic?

    I am completely lost when trying to post my photos. I got as far as trying to upload an image to a photo forum but the file was to large. On topic pages that have many photos I try but there is no file manager tab to use. Do I have to get a photobucket or like membership or can I upload from my...
  5. Nocalphoenix

    Surgeon Round action photos

    Well here they are. Action came disassembled but I did throw the firing pin and shroud onto the bolt. I went with the standard Surgeon bolt handle and no base yet. Scope base holes are set to the standard Remington short action spacing and have two small holes to pin the rail as well. The lug is...
  6. AC/DC

    photos of my commemorative m40 - (pic heavy)