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  1. A10XRIFLE

    Help!! need GAP rifle picture's

    Hey Guys need a favor, I see all sorts of great pictures on here of our rifles in the field, at comps, hunting pictures Etc, if you guys have time post them up on our website Below is the link. Come-on Frank I know you have a ton...
  2. M

    Photos First Post and Picture

    My latest addition and first true Precision Rifle. Been snooping for a while and figured I'd join up, look forward to contributing.
  3. S

    Rifle Scopes Adjustable objectives and sight picture

    I don’t have much experience with variable power scopes and adjustable objectives. I have noticed that dialing out the parallax creates fuzziness around the outer edges of the field of view. It is clear with good resolution for about 75% of the field of view (center), and a “fuzzy doughnut”...
  4. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Picture Request: badger ordnance scope base

    can anyone who hasn't mounted one, take a close up picture of the underside of the badger ordnance scope base. I have a seekins that is TECHNICALLY ambidextrous, but it has flaring only on the right side for right handed individuals.
  5. GasLight

    Lee Classic Turret Press Picture Request

    Hello, I am hoping someone that has a Lee Classic Turret Press can take a picture of the underside of one of the removable turret plates for me? Looking to see how hard it would be to modify one of these plates before I commit to buying the press. Any help is greatly appreciated! Dave
  6. WiNdTeCh

    Picture of Custom AR-15 - New to Snipers Hide

    Burris 8-32x50 Mil-Dot DPMS 20" Stainless Heavy Barrel 1-9" Twist DPMS Forged Aluminum Extended Hi-Rise Upper Receiver DoubleStar Forged Aluminum Lower Reciever Les Baer Hardchrome N/M Bolt Carrier J.P. Adjustable Trigger J.P. Free Float Forend J.P. Adjustable Gas Block J.P. Rear Tensioning Take...
  7. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Seekins Rings Picture Request

    can anyone post a picture showing seekins rings mounted where the side of the rings with the screws is visible? up close? Whenever I mount my rings the little piece on the rings to secure it to the base is somewhat canted. is this normal? thanks
  8. T

    Photos picture posting test

    seeing if this works
  9. T

    I need a picture

    I need a picture of a barrel. I have a Benchmark barrel coming in a Lilja #8 contour .264 finished at 27.5" I have searched and searched and I cannot find a picture of a rifle barreled with with contour. Let me see what you have. I am putting it in a Remington Sendero take off HS Precision...