1. treebasher

    McMillan A-4 Bedding, Pillars, Etc.

    OK guys I figure it is time to pop my cherry here on SH. Next week I am dropping the coin for a new McMillan A-4 and have some questions about bedding. I have three options: 1. Do nothing and screw the action in. 2. Bedding the action. 3. Bedding and pillar the action. In the past I have...
  2. Highground

    Gunsmithing Badger M5 Bedding Pillars

    I see that the M5 comes with bedding pillars, but the M5 floorplate does not. Would someone be willing to educate me on the need for the pillars with the M5? Are these the same pillars that one would use if they were pillar bedding an action? Just wanted to get gain some knowledge in this area.