1. U

    Rem. nickel plated .223 brass

    I heard Rem. discontinued making it. I like it because I can find my brass in the hay while woodchuckin. I started using it for highpower comp. because the "Brass Rats" used to scarf up all the brass and I could pick mine out of their stash! Mine are getting old and I need to find some.
  2. J

    Source for good hard cast plated 9mm & 45 bullets?

    Anyone have a recommendation and source for good plated hard cast bullets? 9mm (124 gr) and 45 (200 or 230 gr) for practice? Thanks James
  3. Phylodog

    Nickel plated LC brass

    I've recently started tumbling a box of brass which contains some nickel plated LC 5.56 brass. Would this stuff be decent for reloading or should I trash it? Sure seems to clean up easier than the brass LC...