1. J

    SOLD 7mm PRC Hornady Brass - Primed/Unprimed

    Selling 100 pieces of once fired 7mm PRC Hornady brass. 32 pieces are primed with a CCI 250 primer and the other 68 are not primed. Shipped in 2, 50 round, hard plastic ammo boxes. $50 to your door.
  2. Z06pilot

    SOLD 6.5 PRC Defiance XM

    6.5 PRC Lightweight Hunting build Skip the long lead times with this turnkey rounds loaded rig! 100 rounds on Barrel and Action Weighs 8lbs 9oz without scope/rings Defiance Ruckus XM Action 24" Proof 1-7.5 twist Carbon Sendero Manners EH1 stock (Black Forest) 3" ARCA rail APA Gen 3 Little...
  3. K

    7mm PRC Build

    Though I’d share this. 7 PRC build were almost finished with. Father/Son project. He’s retiring his old 7mm Rem Mag. I’m teaching him some new school. AnTi X action Proof 7PRC prefit 26” TriggerTech Diamond KRG Bravo Viper PST g2 Hawkin UL rings Area 419 Hellfire Match
  4. C

    6mm PRC

    I have been doing some looking around across different forums and sites to see what kind of loads folks are running on a 6mm PRC and haven’t had much luck, especially with light weight bullets. Planning on running solids, currently thinking 88 grain *Cutting Edge MTH* in a 7.5 twist. Anybody...
  5. Gtscotty

    7mm PRC

    I've seen some rumors swirling on other sites about a new SAAMI standard 7mm PRC cartridge rollout in the near future. Didn't see a thread on the topic here, so I figured I'd start one as a place to collect rumors, news and eventually load data once it's introduced. I'm interested to hear what...
  6. Every Day Gun Guy

    Ammo Barnes Precision Match Rifle Ammunition 6.5 Creedmoor 140 gr OTM @ EVERY DAY GUN GUY!!!

    CLICK HERE OR THE PIC BELOW TO PURCHASE YOUR 6.5 CREEDMOOR AMMO TODAY POPULAR BRANDS THAT WE OFFER... PLUS MANY MORE @ EVERY DAY GUN GUY!!! Anderson FN Lancer Sig Sauer Armscor Franklin Armory Magpul Smith & Wesson Beretta Glock Maverick Arms Springfield Armory...
  7. Kimber.204

    SOLD Terminus 6.5 PRC 3rd Magazine

    I bought this to compare it to the Hawkins BDL bottom metal. I used this magazine at the range one time, never carried in the woods. It is in like new condition. I used it along with flush fit bottom metal and a Bighorn/Zermatt SR3 short action and it fed flawlessly. I sold the I...