1. dukerugger25

    Left Hand Sale Sold - Triggertech Primary LH (left handed) Trigger

    Selling a brand new Triggertech Primary trigger: left handed, curved, bolt release, stainless. Trigger was received new from triggertech on July 20th. Selling because I installed a borrowed triggertech Special on the rifle while waiting for the Primary to arrive and am going to just purchase it...
  2. N

    Hunting & Fishing Tactical rifle as primary hunting rifle?

    Anybody of you using you tactical rifle as your primary hunting rifle? I have primary hunting rifle in 30-06 weighing 8lbs, but Im considering building a 308 using either a McMillan Sako Varmint or A-5. Im just considering the weight issue. It will weigh around 11-12lbs with everything. Im...
  3. flopduster

    Seating depth or charge weight? Which is primary?

    I am working on a new load for my rifle. I have selected berger 155 hunting vlds and am using r-15. After researching about loading vlds and reading the berger bulletin about them, I selected a near max powder charge of 46.0 grains, then loaded some work up single rounds in half grain...