1. operator45

    I need a name for a rifle action company. Help me and win.

    Guys we are getting ready to tool up to make Remington style short actions of the highest quality and i need a kick ass marketable name. So here is the deal you help me come up with a good name and the first production receiver is yours free with serial #000000 or what ever you'd like it to be...
  2. Jdpalm3

    Rifle Scopes DNZ Game Reaper 1pc Scope Mounting System?

    Bout to drop a WOTAC variable power onto my new R700 SA. I really Like the 1 piece design for scope mounts. Ive heard that the DNZ products game reaper is really nice. Anyone have any experience with them? What height do i need to clear the 50mm objective on a R700 with a heavy contour...