1. SniperCJ

    Suppressors Robar Glock grip reduction

    Anybody with experience with Robar's Glock grip reduction?
  2. H

    What reduction to expect in a shorter barrel?

    If I have a given velocity in a reloading manual for say, a 24" barrel, is there a formula for reducing this per inch? I'm shooting out of a 22 7/8" barrel and would like to know where the baseline is for getting started with a new load against what the manual shows.
  3. T

    Suppressors suppresors and recoil reduction

    I am definetly a suppressor newbie and wondering how much the suppressor acts as a muzzle break or how much recoil is reduced. I have heard it is a fair amount. I am interested in the suppressor idea if so because then I will be able to see my hits on pdogs better and not scare as many away with...
  4. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing Fluting MTU for max weight reduction

    I picked up an MTU contour bartlein that needs to go on a SERIOUS diet. Any idea on the number and size of flutes to maximize weight lose while not looking stupid or impacting accuracy. TIA.