1. L

    Woot! Woot! just reloaded my first ever Ammo! pics

    I've been lurking around here heavily for the last three months and want to say thanks for all the information i've gleaned Just finished loading up 30 rounds of 30-06 ammo on my new Hornady Lock and Load AP.. COL calls for 3.240, most all of mine range from 3.236 to 3.242.. that ok do you...
  2. rweldon

    How many times can .308 brass be reloaded?

    How many times, realistically, can .308 brass be reloaded?
  3. H

    My first ever reloaded cartridges. .308 Win help

    .308 Win 42grains Reloder 15 over all length. 2.68-2.690 but COAL is 2.8 Nosler 155 HPBT CCI 200 Large rifle primer winchester case 1 time fired taper crimp weights of complete cartridges 358.1 grains 358.2 grains 359.2 grains 356.6 grains i didnt pre weigh the...