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  1. JRose

    Gunsmithing Home made ways to take off a Remmy barrel?

    I have a barreled action that I need to take the barrel off of. What kinda home made ways can I achieve this to avoid having to send the barreld action off to a smith?
  2. S

    Photos Remmy 700

    Finally got around to posting a pic of my little Remmy.
  3. wco24u

    Production Dates on older Remmy 700s

    Can anyone help me determine the production date on older Remington 700 I picked up today? Quick descripition, no letter suffix before the serial number, blued receiver and barrel, 22 inch barrel, stock is high gloss finish. No black tip, weave pattern on sides, bottom, palm swell area and the...
  4. GasLight

    Gunsmithing Manufacturing Process for Factory Remmy Actions

    Hello, I am curious what the process is for producing a factory remington action? Anyone know? The ones I have seen look like the face has been cut with a bandsaw. Do they cut a tube, then bore, then thread, then broach the lug races? Thanks, Dave
  5. E

    Photos remmy 700

    remmington 700 308

    remmy 308 4 moa??????????

    I have a new 700 sps-v .308 first trip to the range was a lil discouraging. I changed out the pos plastic stock with a hogue over mould off a sps tac (not the best stock but I don't have copious amounts of money). egw 20moa base, burris xtr rings. a tru glo 6-24x scope(again not that great but...
  7. B

    Gunsmithing remmy 700 mag

    I've got a 700 SA off being rebarreled in .223AI, I want to run the 75gr Amax... and I want to increase the factory mag length a bit so I can seat the 75's out a bit. Any suggestions? Cutting the block out of the back of the mag would be the obvious route to go
  8. sniper1

    Suppressed Remmy .308 700P

    Is anyone running subsonic ammo through their suppressed remmy 700P with factory barrel 1-12 rate? If so any problems? I have a cyclone on transfer for mine and am trying to decide what to do about the barrel. I still have the stock barrel, only 200rds through it, so I don't really want to...
  9. usmc7980

    Gunsmithing Make your own Remmy 700 Firing pin tool

    Final fixture here, It is made of 1/4" 6061 T6 flat plate with angle bolted to it. Everything else was trial and error junk I made my own because I'm a cheap ass. It's really simple, I used two pieces of 2"x4"x1/8" aluminum angle from my shop, some scrap wood, and a piece of 1/2"...
  10. M

    Best place to buy .223 Remmy 700 XCR Compact Tac?

    Looking for two of these rifles, if anyone could point me to a reasonable source I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Rifle Scopes remmy 700 rings and mounts please help

    I have a new 700 sps varmint .308 on the way. going to put a 6-24x44 scope on it. what are the best rings to put on it with a TIGHT BUDGET($100-$150 max). looked at leupold bases but 1 piece? or 2 piece? rings? high, medium, or low? would also like the idea of having a base with 10 or 15 moa...
  12. S

    Remmy 700P .223

    What is a 700PSS in .223 new worth these days? Was it ever made in a 20"?
  13. 7

    Gunsmithing Need a bolt knob on my Remmy 700 - who still does

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, I am new to long-range shooting but not shooting and I just bought a 700 in .308 and I am having a hell of a time finding someone that will thread my handle or weld a oversized bolt knob. I tried searching through these forums and called Pacific Tool...
  14. TexanAviator

    2 hour old Remmy LTR DISSAPOINTMENTS!

    I guess somebody decided overtightening and cross threading a thread protection screw would be a good idea. Check out the damage on that thing! I do not really feel like having them tapped out, just want to keep my Badger stuff factory. Here are some photos.
  15. J

    Twist rate on a Remmy 700 VS in .223???

    Heys guys this is my first post, I used the search but couldnt find any info. Does any one know what the twist rate is on a Remington 700 VS in .223? They quite making this rifle and i cant find any any on what twist the barrel is. Someone told me that it in 1 in 12, but i didnt think that could...
  16. M

    Gunsmithing Changing a Remmy 700 bolt knob?

    I'd like to change my Remmy 700 bolt knob, I'll probably turn my own. How do I turn the factory knob into a threaded stud? I'd prefer not to cut the factory knob off, I was thinking I'd rough grind it down, somehow hold it in a 4-jaw and male-thread it to screw into a female knob like a CZ...