1. A

    SO CAL 1000 YARD MATCH 5-31-09 RESULTS

    SO CAL 1000 YARD MATCH 5-31-09 at DESERT MARKSMAN RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB near Palmdale ca. This will be a prone paper match at 1000 yards Bring 50 rounds 21 shots for record + sighters. This is an individual match with 2 classes 22-416. cal and 50 cal. Plaques will given for 1st - 3rd in both...
  2. R

    260 results with Reloader 17 & 123 Lapuas

    Guys, I got a chance to shoot some loads with R-17 and the 123s. I had shot a load of 43.5grs across the cronograph a couple of weeks ago an it averaged 2990+fps with the 123s. Because we were shooting a bunch of loads across the crono at the same time I didn't get a chance to check the...
  3. S

    Results: 110gr V-Max at 3800 fps in 300WM

    I started a thread months back asking this question and was told to try it and find out, so I did and am reporting back though I couldn't find that thread.... I worked up a load for my 300WM using the 110gr V-Max bullet and 83.5gr IMR4831. It is .1 or .2 grains from going into a compressed...
  4. kombayotch

    MCS-T4 Sako Quad 22 Trainer ammo results

    Thought it might be good to share our results with different ammo since there are a bunch of us with the same setup. I'm interested to hear what worked best for others. <span style="text-decoration: underline">Ammo that extracted:</span> CCI Subsonic -> shot ok, but was difficult closing the...
  5. H

    Dope & Results @ 200, 300, & 400 yds-Fed Am Eagle

    Had a perfect day today, very little wind, 70 deg. F, & sunny! Ammo is Federal American Eagle 40 gr. solid, Averages 1248 fps in my gun, an Anschutz 64 MPR. $1.59 a box! Shoots consistent .3-.5" 50 yard groups, twice as big as Wolf ME but 1/4 the price. Groups at 100 yards on out seem to be...
  6. L

    More Anschutz MPR results

    Picked up a Leupold 4.5-14x40 LRT (w/mildot) and mounted it using a B-Square rail adapter, and Leupold PRW low 30mm rings. All shots were fired using Wolf Match Target. Zeroing started at 40 yards and I can say I was pretty happy. 4 5 shot groups averaged .169". I then moved back to 100...
  7. NorCal Vu

    NCPPRC April Steel Match Results

    We had 28 shooters come out to this months steel match. Thank you Shawn and Sam for running a safe and smooth match. Thank you to the guys that came out on Friday to setup the range and the guys that tore everything down after the match. Looks like the COF was pretty tough on a lot of...
  8. BgBmBoo

    First time out with reloads....crappy results I made up 30rds for my .223 (Tikka T3) today. These are the very first hand loads I have ever made. The results are rather sorry. To say I am disappointed is putting it mildly. Here is a pic. The first group was about what I shoot with quality factory ammo. After that it all went to...
  9. I

    4/11/09-scssa precision rifle match results

    Thanks to all who shot today, the wind was very "switchy". Please note next months match will be on May 16, 2009 [the 3rd saturday of the month] for May 2009 only, [I have to be out of town the second saturday]. Hope to cya then. Larry April 2009 Match 308 Class: By Score: Larry Levine 148...
  10. NorCal Vu

    NCPPRC April LR Match Results

    We had 39 shooters come out today to compete in some very nice weather. First relay had almost 0 wind while 2nd relay had a bit more to deal with at times. 50 rounds fired from 200yards back to 1K. Bonus stage at 1K for 50pts was to make hit on a 8" target. I believe we had almost half a...
  11. Lowlight

    Sniper’s Hide Cup Sniper's Hide Cup Results

    Yesterday we finished up the final day of the 2009 Sniper's Hide Cup and I think everyone truly enjoyed themselves. We got through a lot of stuff, the round count was just around 150 rifle, 60 handgun and 3 Carbine from the Helicopter. Everyone did a fantastic job on a very fundamentals...
  12. T

    So Cal - 22LR Tac / Prec Match Results 04-04-09

    <span style="font-weight: bold">APS – 22LR Tac / Prec Match Results 04-04-09</span> Here are the results from today’s match. My report will be in another thread. Ten Stages – Maximum Score 1000 Fist Place – Henry Song - 780 Second Place – Mark Edgreen – 725 Third Place – Alan Campbell - 720...
  13. LVshooter

    RESULTS Las Vegas Precision Tactical Rifle Match

    Another cold windy day. We won't know what to do on a nice day. There was a mistake on the scores, here are the corrected scores. Sorry Bear. You and Gary can trade medals at the next match. Kurt S. 461.6 Gary M. 408.0 Bear W. 370.0 Mike M. 325.8 Roger C. 303.6 Werner H...
  14. F

    WCRC 2x1000 4-5-09 Results

    Results in the thread below
  15. M

    Range Report Range results: Jumping 155s and Jamming 208s

    Was out getting in some trigger time yesterday. Using Frank's 10-shot standard has me rethinking 208s over W760 in a 1/12 factory barrel. 208s were pretty tight with 44.5gr RL15 in the past, out to 1100+ yards. I've been messing around with W760 to eek out more velocity, but accuracy went to...
  16. L

    New Anschutz MPR results so far

    I picked up my new MPR yesterday. The trigger is outstanding. I may have to increase the pull weight to more closely match my other rifles. The first groups at 100 yards were right at 1" in somewhat windy conditions with Wolf Match. Ergonomics are very good so far. Updated with pics today:
  17. jb1000br


    RESULTS POSTED BELOW, post #1189286 --------------------------------- Anything you want to know about the match can be found here: This is a postal match, where you shoot the targets I send you on your home range, then send them in to be scored. Participating in this...
  18. R

    Anybody having good results with FNSPRa1a / Scenar

    I have just got a 2003 but fired very little FN 308. The factory target is .45 I tried some loads today that have always done really well in my 10FP Lapua Brass 155 GR Scenar GMM primer H4895 2.810 I did 44 gr up to 46 gr in .5 increments to start. None of them did well. I really wanted to...
  19. LVshooter

    RESULTS Las Vegas Precision Tactical Rifle Match

    Had a most excellent match today. However I any getting a little tired of the rain and wind. The last 3 matches here have been either rainy, windy or both. Yesterday was windy and cold. Ryan shot like a machine today. He did great on every stage.Great shooting Ryan. Ryan K 553.5 Kurt S 390...
  20. NorCal Vu

    NCPPRC March LR Match Results

    What a great day to shoot. All the dirty guns were washed with the constant rain and wind. First relay 308 shooters were around 10MOA of right windage at 1K. On 2nd relay I had 8 MOA in for my 260rem. Marc S. was using 2 + mils with his 243. 33 men came out to shoot with several not making...