1. P

    Sako S20 Optilock 20 MOA mount: review

    After the initial joy of owning a magnificent new Sako S20 rifle, comes the awkward "I should have taken a Tikka" moment – this is when the new owner inspects the optics mounting rails. There is a problem with the original bits of picatinny in front and behind the ejection port. Actually, three...
  2. A

    Rex Silentium MG7K

    I'm looking at buying the Rex Silentium MG7k suppressor. Anyone have any experience of running the .308 can shooting a 6.5 creed? Is it hearing safe? I'm looking for a hunting situation. Also, I keep hearing about deals and promo codes. Has anyone heard anything about them? Lastly, if anyone...
  3. Near miss

    MR223 Review

    So I have aquired HK MR223 as my first CF rifle. Thanks for helping me with gun and ammo questions and all the other threads that I have just browsed through looking for information. The gun's uses will be reservist shooting competitions and target shooting / plinking out as far I can find...
  4. MDT_Josh

    Rifle Scopes Long Term Minox ZP5 Review

    Hey Everyone, I noticed (as a Minox brand ambassador) that there is a general lack of "long term" reviews available for their scopes. Many users will claim to have used one when they first released or have tried a buddies, but not many have run them for months and taken the time to sit down and...
  5. darth_ritis

    Seeking opinions or reviews on Christiansen Arms stocks

    I'm looking for a stock for my 7mm Rem Mag. I see Christiansen Arms offers their carbon fiber stocks, and I wonder what people think of them. What are the pros/cons of carbon fiber for a stock? Is the light weight more a benefit or detriment? If anyone has shot one of these rifles or bought one...
  6. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Win the Sightmark Pinnacle 5-30x we Reviewed

    Sightmark was kind enough to allow me to keep the 5-30x Pinnacle Scope we reviewed. I asked them if it was okay if I offer the scope to a deserving member of Sniper's Hide, so once i am finished with my Howa 1500 HCR Review, I will box up the Pinnacle and ship it out to a Sniper's HIde member...
  7. travels4fun

    New Steyr Scout RFR Rimfire Rifle

    I'm seriously considering buying one since they are currently on sale for $489 at which seems like a good deal. I was hoping to hear from anyone who owns one or who has handled one. I haven't been able to find much in the way of real hands feedback or reviews on the gun. For those...
  8. lowlight

    OXX CoffeeBoxx Review

    OXX CoffeeBoxx <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I dig my coffee in the morning. Many falsely repeat the old myth that as a shooter, you should not drink coffee before shooting. Wrong… If you drink coffee...
  9. Das Capitolin

    Long-Range Shooting Target Impact Signal System

    Our long-range shooters might find this item very useful in spotting bullet hits: Long-Range Shooting Target Impact Signal System Review The flash was visible (without optics) out to 1500 yards in full daylight. Perfect for shooters wanting immediate feedback at distances beyond where you...
  10. B

    Rifle Scopes NightForce Customer Service

    Just wanted to put up my experience with NightForce customer service for those that may be considering a scope and where customer service may be a deciding factor. I recently sent in my scope (an NSX 5.5-22x50 w/ ZS & NPR1) for a cross-threaded sunshade. To my pleasant surprise, when speaking...
  11. G

    Leatherwood ATR 7-30 of 4-16

    Has anyone used either of these on their rimfire's? Seems like the multiple turret flags would help him so he won't have to think about what to dial. Thoughts or reviews?
  12. JGB02

    Rifle Scopes Review: 2.5-10x32 Vortex Viper PST FFP

    Until this scope came out, offerings for a variable and lightweight low to mid power scope with side focus and a tactical reticle were pretty much non-existent. Nightforce discontinued its 2.5-10x24, which pretty much just left the 2.5-10x32. The Nightforce scope is pretty nice, but I refused...
  13. kombayotch

    Movie Theater Funniest movie review ever!!!

    This is frikken hilarious!

    DPMS SASS RIFLE I need a review

    I am thinking of buying this rifle.all I have found on review search is how pretty it looks.I need a review about this rifle.
  15. Gnab2

    Movie Theater Sniper One review needed..

    I am looking for a review on a book that I saw. The book is: Sniper One: On Scope and Under Siege with a Sniper Team in Iraq by Dan Mills. I would like the skinny and is it worth a crap. Or is this one that I will be bored with and just wasted money... Thanks Dna
  16. D

    Rifle Scopes Sightmark review

    I seen that someone on here was going to do a torture test to a Sightmark scope. I never did see what the final result was though. I ended up buying one to put on my 20" AR until my Burris comes in. I went out to sight in my rifle yesterday with the Sightmark. Started out at 25 yards, just...
  17. Short-bus

    CCI Subsonic Segmented HP Review

    I've posted my results, and report on a couple other sites other than here so i'm just going to copy and paste the posts in here individually for y'alls. I'm usually a lurker over here but I was hoping that you all would appreciate the results of me getting some of this ammo to test out. It...
  18. T

    Rifle Scopes Wonder when we can get a review of the new weaver

    When will someone get their hands on a new weaver tact line. I think they have a couple of power ranges and they may be FFP.' T
  19. T

    Rifle Scopes simmons review?

    looking at a simmons 6-24 prohunter and 44 mag mildot scope side focus for use on 22lr for target 50 to 250 yards, around $150. i tried the search but couldn't find what i was looking for any body have or used to have one of these? please let me know if you had any problems with it as far as...
  20. S

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Optics 5.5-25x56 Menace Review

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Falcon Optics 5.5-25x56 Menace Review</span> First off, I want to thank Robert Snyder at for allowing me the opportunity to review this optic at length and in detail. I'd also like to say... <span style="color: #FF0000"> <span...