1. Redback One

    Redback One 3-Day Combat Pistol & Carbine Course Sept. 24-26, 2022 - Sacramento, CA

    Redback One 3-Day Combat Pistol & Carbine Training (Open Enrollment) Dates: September 24-26, 2022 Location: Sacramento, CA Venue: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center PRE-REQUISITES: Basic pistol and basic carbine training. COURSE DESCRIPTION This three-day/24hr course of instruction has been...
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    PRIMERS in sacramento

    For those of you in Sacramento area, Wildsports just got a shipment in today of Winchester LR primers but they have a policy of 1000 per customer per day so bring some frinds and stock up while you can. I took family with me today and got 4000. Sorry no LR magnum primers.
  3. 6

    Have Varget in Sacramento

    If anyone is interested in a trade for Magnum Large Rifle primers I have 2lbs of Vaeget I would be willing to trade. 1lb for 1000 Magnum large rifle primers. I have 20 lbs coming next week of varget 8lbs, Unique 8lbs, 1 lbs of H1000, 1 lb of retumbo and 2lbs IMR 7828ssc. am going to pick up 2...