1. grassy knoll

    SOLD Safariland 6390RDS Lefty Holster for Glock 34/17/19 with Surefire X300

    New left handed Safariland 6390RDS(for red dot sights) with UBL belt mount in coyote for Glock 34/17/19 with weapon light(Surefire X300U or streamlight). Also comes with new OT Defense nub mod installed. $130 shipped.
  2. fp120

    Accessories Safariland 6360 TLR-1 level 3 holster

    Description: I have 9 of the safariland 6360-830 level III holster which will fit a Glock 17/22 with streamlight TLR-1. *All right handed* These are field carry by officers so they are scuffed in some places but they work 100% just may need some oil and cleaning Pm me for more details or...
  3. Festeraxp

    Accessories Bianchi Safariland ALS Concealment Holster for Glock 20/21 Uncle Mike’s Sidekick Size 2

    Bianchi Sfariland ALS Concealment Holster for Glock 20/21 Uncle Mike’s Sidekick Size 2 1011. Both in excellent condition. Looking to trade for reloading stuff. Let me know what you got thanks. I would put a value of $65 on them.
  4. AerialView72

    Sidearms & Scatterguns CZ P10C Safariland Compatibility?? Help!

    Hello all, Looking to try and find the “correct” Safariland ALS/SLS RDS holster that could (with perhaps minor adjustment) fit my CZ P10C with a Race Cut by Jagerworks & x300u Some older posts across the web say Glock 34 6360RDS will work, others say only the 6304RDS for the M&P CORE L 5”...
  5. Hogshooter

    Suppressors Safariland 6305

    I just picked up a Safariland 6305 holster for my Glock 21. This holster is basically a 6004 but with the additional security of the ALS system (auto locking) I can remove the ALS easily but my question is concerning the hood guard. This will not be used in a tactical environment but will be...