1. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing Pics to get ya fired up on Predator season !!

    Add your pics on to this
  2. M

    Movie Theater Anybody Watch The Season Finale of House MD?

    Opinions? Pretty upsetting episode to me, sucks he didn't tag Cuddy.
  3. R

    Hunting & Fishing Duck season should be a lot longer

    Caught this drake and hen departing from the pool this morning...
  4. SuperSeal110

    Hunting & Fishing 1st chuck of the season.

    First chuck of '09. Got him out on the g/f's parents farm. The shot was close, 40-45yds. The chucks do love broken cement slabs. .17rem did it's job with the cheap MidwayUSA Dogtown .20g bullets. No exit, though it did rip a little of the chucks skin by the elbow. Turned the chuck into a jug...
  5. R

    Hunting & Fishing Nature's reminder that turkey season is near

    I woke up this morning, thinking I was dreaming, to the sound of well over a dozen horned up toms chasing around several dozen slutty hens. After I had spent some time practicing my calls, I went to the yard to take a few pics and video. Season here opens in about two weeks...
  6. Gordon Nettleton

    Hunting & Fishing Turkey season

    Who of you have begun to get ready for Spring Turkey Season. Going in two weeks to begin scouting and looking for roost, and spots to set up. Have the calls out looking at mouth calls that need to be replaced, and chalking up boxes and slates. Getting the decoys out this weekend and will pattern...
  7. V

    Hunting & Fishing First Chuck of the Season

    Went out calling today, my dad has been having a slump, hasn't called anything for a month. We went out to our hot spot and didn't call a single dog BUT, when dad went back to get the truck on one stand I plopped down to look around at the rim with the binos. The first thing I saw when I...